The Complete 2004 Laws of Nigeria

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1. Short title.

2. Interpretation.

3. Application.

4. Powers of Minister.

                                            BUILDING LINES (FEDERAL TRUNK ROADS) ACT

An Act to provide for the application of building lines in respect of Federal trunk roads.

                                                                        [1957 No. 45.]

                                                [Commencement. ]                                        [14th November, 1957]                

1. Short title

This Act may be cited as the Building Lines (Federal Trunk Roads) Act.

2. Interpretation

 In this Act-

"Federal trunk road" means a road which is for the time being declared to be a Federal trunk road for the purposes of item 63 of Part I of the Second Schedule to the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria 1999;

                                                                                [Cap. C23.]

"Minister" means the Minister for the time being charged with responsibility for matters relating to Federal trunk roads.

3. Application

This Act shall apply in respect of any Federal trunk road notwithstanding anything contained in any other Act or law and whether or not the same is within a township, urban district or the area of authority of any local government council.

4. Powers of Minister

In relation to Federal trunk roads-

(a) the powers conferred by sections 4 and 6 of the Building Lines Regulation Act upon the Governor of a State shall be vested in the Minister, and references in the Act to an order shall apply to an order made by the Minister under those sections; and

                                                                                [Cap. 28. 1958 Edition.]

(b) the reference to the Director of Public Works in section 7 of that Act shall be taken to mean the Permanent Secretary of the Federal Ministry of Works and Housing, and an order under that section shall be communicated in such manner as may seem proper to the Minister.


                                                              BUILDING LINES (FEDERAL TRUNK ROADS) ACT

                                                                                SUBSIDIARY LEGISLATION


                                                                                No Subsidiary Legislation